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Historic engraving of Glashütte

Glashütte is a German watch town in Saxony, near Dresden.

History of the town of Glashütte

When in 1168 silver ore was discovered in the area of the present-day town of Freiberg, the farming settlement of the Erzgebirge mountains with the traditional regional forest hides villages also started.

Glashütte was documented for the first time in the abbey matriculation of Meissen of 1346. The Archpriest of Dippoldiswalde had, inter alia, the supervisory of the churches at "Bernstein", "Jahnsbach", "Dittersdorf" and "Glashütte". Therefore already in 1346 these places had their own churches or chapels. In the year 1506 the Saxon Duke George the Bearded gave the town of Glashütte its first charter.

In 1769 Glashütte was known as a "place very impoverished by the total decline of mining", which was "completely ruined by the recent disastrous war". In Carlsfeld a non-profit foundation founded a factory for Black Forest clocks in 1829.

The boom as a watch town

The boom as a town of watches began in December 1845, when Ferdinand Adolph Lange, with the help of a loan from the Royal Saxon Government, founded his watch company in Glashütte and thus laid the foundation stone for the entire Glashütte watch industry. After long negotiations with the Royal Saxon Ministry of the Interior an agreement had been reached, in which Lange committed to train 15 apprentices in watchmaking, while Saxony in turn provided a ready-refundable advance payment of 7,820 Taler (German dollars).

The Glashütte watch industry of today

Among others in Glashütte there are at the present the following companies active in the area of watches:

Also the Sternwarte Glashütte (Observatory) has become a major watches address in town: After it was totally refurbished by the Hamburg family enterprise Wempe, since January 24, 2005 a permanent establishment for watches is located there, as well as an independent chronometer testing laboratory, which is operated under the direction of the Regional Office for Measurement and Calibration in Thuringia (LMET, Landesamt für Meß- and Eichwesen Thüringen).

Glashütte specialties

The German Watch Museum (Deutsches Uhrenmuseum)

On 22 May 2008, the renovated German Watch Museum Glashütte opened.